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Threat and Vulnerability Management

Defend against sophisticated attacks, with our improved automated threat detection and industry's most comprehensive vulnerability management.

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Offered VAPT Services

Patch management

We manage patches for Windows, Mac, and Linux servers, laptops, desktops, virtual machines, remote, and roaming devices from a centralized console.

Port audit

We continuously monitor active ports in your network systems and Identify the number of instances of each active port.

Web server hardening

We detect misconfigurations of web servers based on their contexts, such as logging, SSL management, or the type of attack associated with them.

High risk software audit

We regularly check the network endpoints of your network for peer-to-peer software, remote sharing tools, and end-of-life software.

Why GAIPP for Threat and Vulnerability Management?

Our dedicated team provides businesses with the visibility they require to succeed. They can navigate with confidence by unifying security data, identifying data at risk and vulnerabilities across networks on thousands of endpoints between clouds, and countering today's advanced cybercrime attacks.

Our Threat and Vulnerability Management

Finding scope

We can find both big and tiny scope gaps in your system using automated and manual methods.

Asset management

We help firms identify risk factors for their crucial assets, such as IoT and operational technology assets, by applying our VAPT.

Prioritize remediations

We assist businesses in prioritizing remediation measures so that vulnerabilities posing the greatest risk are addressed first.

Risk rating report

We regularly do VAPT analyses using a variety of metrics, and inform the stakeholders about the risks and mitigation strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Having multiple levels of security is essential. Even with the necessary security software and hardware, such as a firewall, safety cannot be guaranteed until it is properly configured, as firewalls can also be bypassed. GAIPP can identify security gaps, determine your current security baseline, and develop a comprehensive security program to secure your business at the optimal level at the lowest possible cost. A firewall is a good place to start, but let's go a step further to secure your business.

GAIPP offers a very well-defined technique that addresses more than 100 different facets of cyber security for small and medium-sized businesses. These sections are founded on industry standards and market-specific governance requirements. We use both measurable and qualified information to determine the gaps in your current posture. We use a combination of modeling, workshops, and scanning tools to find holes and close them so that your business can address threats. Using this methodology, we categorize all known risks and provide guidance on how to deal with them. A comprehensive security program will be created especially for your company using the gap analysis.

We approach cyber security from an enablement perspective rather than a lockdown and prevention one. We start with business drivers and procedures to map your security approach to your business demands. Other MSSPs only take a technological stance, providing you with hardware and software that impedes rather than facilitates your operations. We want you to earn more money, take on less risks, and save money. We are aware that business and security are a winning mix.

Yes, and even more that you are aware of the audit-related issues that need to be addressed. Internal and external audits are recommended for cyber security. They are only meant to provide information; you must take action based on the results. We can assist you in managing the risks identified during the audit, planning for future requirements, strengthening your governance and developing an ongoing cyber security program to prepare for future audits.

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