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It’s time to know what the users need in reality

Get data-driven insights that can signify the voice of the users and build your business purposes with a user perspective

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Its all about

Identifying The User Needs And Motivation

User research helps to understand how users carry out tasks and accomplish objectives that are significant to them. It provides clear context and perspective, enabling us to respond with practical, straightforward, and effective design solutions.

It allows us to fill the knowledge gaps regarding the users and determine their unspoken expectations. It also enables us to match the primary objectives and needs of the users with the product development and corporate strategy.

our expertises

What do we do

Before creating the product design, we first understand the user’s expectations of the digital product. We come up with meaningful and actionable insights that signify the voice of the users and are consistent with the goals of the product.

Design to transform lives

How do we do it

Card Sorting

By using card sorting techniques with users, We analyze and create user menu structures, website navigations and information architectures that meet the user's expectations.

Contextual Interviews

We gain valuable insights by observing and interviewing the users in real time. We examine the user's environments and the actual situations in which the product will be used.

Personas & User flows

Personas represent user types and are used to create user empathy because they are built using complicated user data. User flows describe the routes the personas travel on a website or app to finish a job. Both approaches support keeping the team on the same page and guaranteeing that the users are the center of attention at all times. This also supports the product to meet the user's actual expectations.

Heuristic evaluation

We examine every component of the digital product to spot interface usability issues.


Why Choose Us

Technologies meet Reality with us

We have an inventive club of people. Being a technology service company we should be more realistic as a solution provider. Their ideologies are moderate with technologies.

The company will understand the client's mind and want to satisfy their needs with aesthetics, designs, and contents. perspectives of each and every person were innovative,

Our Journey

A Journey from ordinary to extraordinary

We GAIPPians came into being in 2019 and from the beginning, we are solving human problems with solutions. We think with a wide mind, and make innovations in every solution. Today 2022 we are making a positive impact in digital transformations. Inspired solutions are innovative and make an impact on audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The goal of user research is to understand user demands, motivations, and behaviors through task analysis, observational methods, and feedback methods. It is the process of grasping how a product impacts the actual users.

The user research process should ideally start before the real design process begins, guided by the user-centered design (UCD) approach. It can be done at different stages of the project, depending on the requirements.

IDF states that user studies can be conducted at any point during the design process and they should be. Before designing, conduct research to understand the requirements of your target market. During development, conduct iterative tests to make sure the user experience is on track. After your product is released, you can measure the impact of your design. This "holy trinity" strategy can keep you three steps ahead because every aspect of your release will have been taken into account, examined, and tested before you sit down to check the results of the ultimate test (the ROI), offering greater confidence that you've created a winning design.

It is important to have a complete understanding of the market before developing a product. UX research takes this to the next level, by reducing expenses and increasing the chances of success, it will consequently have a spectacular impact on the bottom line.

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