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Managed Security services

A cyber-reactive approach based on needs

To provide proactive and quick threat identification, detection, mitigation, and response, we combine traditional cybersecurity operations with next-generation capabilities.

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Adopt a need-based cyber-reactive strategy while modernising your attacks.


You can use your devices to access your customised hosted desktop from any remote location at any time.

Cost control

Reduce your capital expenditures, make the most of your office space, and do without pricey hardware.


DaaS solutions are developed on distant cloud servers, guaranteeing data protection even if your device is broken.

Delivery of Applications

For a better experience, use your device to access all preferred applications and client software while you're on the go.

A Game-Changer for cyber security

As a part of our operational security function, we manage and operate advanced cyber-mishaps as well as assess and correct them. Our team collaborates with you to find a solid security solution that will address any risks or threats to your company. To define the ideal, framework-based strategy for you, GAIPP serves as an MSSP partner.

Security Consulting Partner

For effective security

Threat intelligence is gathered, and we offer quick response and advanced detection capabilities.

Monitoring & Reaction

We coordinate and manage responses to security events and incidents to ensure early detection.

Assessment & Remediation

We control regular vulnerability and threat identification and redress.

Management & Operations

For the best performance of crucial security tools and equipment to safeguard information assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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Many businesses divide security responsibilities among system administrators, network administrators, and others rather than employing dedicated security personnel. Because it guarantees that there are devoted Security personnel, such as Security Analysts who are pursuing threats, keeping an eye on alerts and logs.

A co-managed model describes a collaboration where your servers, firewalls, and other system devices' logs are used for monitoring, threat analysis, and threat triage. We'll act as your "eyes on glass" while you act as our "hands-on devices."

The kind of firewall, IDS, IPS, EDR, and antivirus solutions you have in place will determine the kind and quantity of alerts that are generated. According to user and group activity, machine and share activity, network traffic and events, error and warning conditions, anomalous and suspicious events and correlations, etc.,

The length of time that data is stored is decided during contract negotiations; every business has different compliance requirements. Log storage is usually kept for 365 days (cold storage). You would work with a SOC Analyst to determine the time frame, user or machine affected, and type of log source for incidents where data needs to be retrieved (outside of the 10-day active index).

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