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System Integration & Implementation

GAIPP creates, develops, integrates, and puts into use software and web applications that help our clients effectively handle all of the demands of their daily work.

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Integration and Implementation Service

To handle solution deployments and process improvements that are essential to achieving each customer's particular business objectives, GAIPP offers comprehensive, cross-product integration, implementation, and management services.

We understand that your goals for complex or multiple-product implementations should be focused on the business process goals you want to realise rather than the technology itself. At GAIPP, we focus on making systems function and achieving tangible benefits rather than just installing systems.

Approaches to

System integration & implementation

Data is extracted from one system, changed or formatted, and then sent to another system using a point-to-point connection. The logic for data translation, transformation, and routing is implemented by each application while taking into account the protocols and supported data models of other integrated components.

When do you need system integration,

And what is it?

Increased productivity

Integrating systems improve workflow efficiency by enabling centralised control over daily operations.

More Reliable and accurate information.

The system's components all update data simultaneously, keeping all departments informed.

Rapid decision-making.

Data isn't anymore dispersed throughout siloed storage. Therefore, you don't need to manually download and export it to the centralised repository to perform analytics.


System integration typically costs less than replacing all disconnected parts with a brand-new integrated system.


Why Choose Us

Technologies meet Reality with us

We have an inventive club of people. Being a technology service company we should be more realistic as a solution provider. Their ideologies are moderate with technologies.

The company will understand the client's mind and want to satisfy their needs with aesthetics, designs, and contents. perspectives of each and every person were innovative,

Our Journey

A Journey from ordinary to extraordinary

We GAIPPians came into being in 2019 and from the beginning, we are solving human problems with solutions. We think with a wide mind, and make innovations in every solution. Today 2022 we are making a positive impact in digital transformations. Inspired solutions are innovative and make an impact on audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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Point-to-point integration (P2P)

ensures that every system is directly connected to all other systems and applications it requires to collaborate and share data with.

Hub-and-spoke model

A more sophisticated form of integration architecture that addresses point-to-point problems and helps prevent the star/spaghetti mess is the hub-and-spoke model.

A platform for integration as a service is a collection of cloud-based integration tools primarily used for creating and deploying cloud integrations. iPaaS unites systems, processes, and data into one comprehensive service that can be accessed through a single user interface. An expanded version of what iPaaS provides is called a hybrid integration platform, or HIP. It is a collection of integration software with built-in features that enables on-premises and cloud-based solutions to function as a single entity.

  • Analysis of the planning and feasibility
  • Architectural simulation
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

Even if you have the best integration technologies, they are worthless without human expertise. You can hire system integrators to design and carry out the integration project instead of doing it yourself because they have the necessary tools and experience.

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