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Embedded Services

Exploit the force of installation on any brilliant gadget.

Through smart embedded design and integration services, we bring cutting-edge software and hardware together.

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Integrate, deploy and support

Throughout the product life cycle

Today, embedded software is essential to the operation of all smart devices. We recognise that your organization's objectives depend on your ability to keep up with the rapid changes in technology.

Our goal is to collaborate with your objectives to provide you with high-quality embedded engineering services

Designed for

High-performance embedded systems

We collaborate closely with your operations to reduce operating costs while improving product delivery turnaround time.

SW/FW Development

When you reach us, we specify the software or firmware's architecture. The next step is to develop and implement embedded systems that can run on any Linux-based platform.

Platform development

We examine the creation of middleware and the incorporation of applications from outside the automobile industry. These systems support automatic vehicle parameter monitoring.

Yocto-based Linux

No matter how the hardware is designed, your need for embedding is met. We guarantee that Linux distributions are incorporated alongside IoT applications.

Integration & testing

Before testing, we embed. We pledge the greatest return on your investment, and we promise to deliver the best results from our embedded engineering efforts

We do based on

Embedded platform development

Our team of designers uses a system on module (SOM) based approach to create effective, high performing, and dependable IoT devices. Space and resource constraints are no longer a problem. This indicates that modern powerful processors are now widely available, and we concentrate on making sure to serve you effectively.

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We assist product developers and manufacturers in maximizing the value of new and improved technologies by refining an existing custom design, size, shape, quantities, or meeting exacting technical specifications for embedded services.

Scrum and Kanban are typically used in our work process. We adhere to best practices for Agile software development. But if the Waterfall technique is the most effective way to plan the work on a specific project, we are adaptable and can adopt it.

The quantity of resources used for a project is entirely determined by its size and complexity.

Weekly or alternate-day format. To schedule meetings, we use Skype, GoToMeeting, or phone calls. We give our clients access to our project management platform so they can monitor the status of their projects whenever they want.

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