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Data Engineering service

Use this data-driven insight data-driven insights to succeed in modern businesses.

We mine data at GAIPP, treat it, and then repeat the process until we get results.

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What is needed is to build

Resilient data science roadmaps

In the GAIPP, we create a data science roadmap to help various organisations solve their particular problems.

We are skilled in the process of using data drive insight to launch new ventures, offer strategy changes, or evaluate brand-new challenges.


Need to go data-driven?

We utilise supervised learning for extensive data monitoring, which keeps an eye on all the tools to spot risky operations and implement the necessary countermeasures in real-time. We employ a wide range of machine learning algorithms to offer practical business insights and offer practical business insights, we employ a wide range of machine learning algorithms, including, regression tree, linear regression, R programming, and dispersion analysis.

Data sets analysis

Every organisation gathers a wide range of data, but only the right questions are asked and the data are evaluated alongside complementary data to produce results that can be put into practice.

Internet of things

Create a data flow from the stream of data intended for connected devices so that it can be processed for operational analytics with added value. This is how we streamline the asset management supply chain.

Machine Learning

AI-driven Machine Vision services using cutting-edge networks like GoogleNET, ResNet, and Super Resolution for image classification, segmentation, and resolution.


we develop complete
end-to-end data analysis

With us, analysis is based on various perspectives that are advantageous to your business. We create smart analysis that enables companies of all sizes, from startups to global leaders in their fields, to maximise the value of their data, discover insights, create plans, and react immediately to customer demand. Plan for what’s next?

Sentiment Analysis

At GAIPP, we employ Text Data Analytics to comprehend the widest range of reactions to a product experience so that the company can take corrective action.

Predictive Analysis

It is also possible to predict future growth and development by using historical data. Both company- and industry-specific data can be used for predictive analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All system, application, user, and patient data is nightly backed up and file-level encrypted. All servers run on a dedicated network secured by firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, and controlled access points, and they receive regular updates with the most recent security patches. Our Data Engineering service operates in this manner.

The task of your team is to locate the gold that the company knows is hidden in all of that data. However, being a detective with a tonne of cumbersome tools and challenging infrastructure is challenging. You want to be the hero who solves the company's problems, but all you do is spend time battling with the tools.

Yes. For our Data Engineering service, we utilise the best and most recent software, technology, and infrastructure. You can save money by outsourcing because we use the best software and technology available.

In data engineering, we use two different kinds of models: predictive and descriptive. To explain what has happened and what is happening, descriptive models are useful. Predictive models explain what would occur and why. These models are being used more frequently to address issues in marketing, operations, human resources, finance, and other business functions.

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