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Do you frequently perform data backups? Each day or week

In order to ensure your company data is always secure, we automatically back up and store your files.

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Why do you need online backup?

We are aware that the business files you keep on your desktop occasionally lose or become corrupted. Therefore, it is important that they be kept safe, backed up, and updated. Our data backup provides you with:

Up to 30 different versions

You can save up to 30 separate versions of files and revert to any of the previous 30 versions of those same files.

Immediate access

You always have instant access to saved files. Files can be retrieved at any time, day or night.

Without any interruption

Work uninterrupted while files are being backed up. whether you are an enterprise customer or a user of managed IT services.

Why GAIPP Cloud backup?

Data backup services protect your data and allow you to retrieve it in an emergency. When you mistakenly erase files or format your storage device, we assist you in recovering your deleted, formatted, or damaged files from any device by making a backup far in advance.

Our data backup and recovery services scale to your needs, ensuring that you receive the storage space, features, and price range that you require. Two-factor user authentication and the highest levels of encryption are used to ensure that only you can access your data. Business continuity is built in, and all of your files are saved in numerous copies so that even if you accidentally delete them, they can still be restored.


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Data recovery is the process of restoring important data that was accidentally deleted, corrupted, out-of-date, destroyed, or made inaccessible. Through this procedure, we can access and retrieve digitally stored material that is currently inaccessible through standard channels. In a typical scenario, such as any physical or mechanical damage to storage endpoints, digital data loss, outdated files that must be updated in order to be accessed, and, of course, data that is accidentally deleted. In a typical enterprise, data recovery is referred to as data backup for a laptop, desktop, internal server, or external storage system.

The first step in the data recovery procedure is a free diagnostic analysis of the files, which is followed by calculations of the turnaround time and cost for risk-free media evaluation. Systems are then checked to see whether the device has recoverable data in order to recover, after which media transfers and data security are performed. Before delivery, the storage is checked and cleaned in preparation for backups.

Recovery after data loss is challenging, but it is not impossible. First, we advise using file recovery software. And secondly, start keeping a backup as soon as possible. Finally, and most crucially, figure out a way to keep backups in advance. We assist our clients with this on a daily basis; if you'd like to adopt simple backup procedures, get in touch with us

Once the data has been retrieved, the customer receives it as an encrypted external device. Data recovery specialists at GAIPP provide standards of service excellence that adhere to customer deadlines. In order to examine your digital media and assess the likelihood of recovery, our data recovery specialists test each and every level. The client receives the essential data once it has been retrieved in the following media types: tape, CD, DVD, HDD, and USB drive. Additionally, we distribute an encrypted file containing the retrieved data through a secure server network.

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