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SEO analyst

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Job Responsibilities

Require an in-depth understanding of all SEO recommended practices, including link building, tags, coding, and site architecture. You will be in charge of conducting a comprehensive SEO study, identifying issues, and putting fixes into action for our client websites.

Job Requirements

  1. knowledge of HTML and CSS
  2. outstanding time management abilities and the capacity to meet deadlines
  3. Familiarity of graphic design and online authoring
  4. superior analytical and logical thinking abilities
  5. knowledge of new technology that is current and a desire to stay current
  6. understanding of PHP and JavaScript (preferred)
  7. excellent English language communication skills
  8. Ability to work from 9:30am to 6:30pm PST for 40 hours per week
  9. Capacity to adapt in a multicultural and diversified setting
  10. Desire to create a business
  11. If working remotely, a dependable workstation with a quick computer, a microphone, speakers, and access to reliable internet
  12. creating title tags, meta descriptions, and HTML/XML sitemaps for 301 redirects
  13. setting up and improving social media profiles, link building, and online public relations
  14. combining CSS files, among other chores that may occasionally be given.
  15. You should be able to undertake technical SEO analysis after finishing the initial training period in order to identify faults and offer and implement the necessary fixes.